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  • Life Membership

    Become a life time member of the prestigious International Budokan Dojo by filling our application.

    When you become a member, you can apply for a Kyu or Dan promotion. You can also apply for an Instructor Certification, participate on our seminars, championships and more...
  • Learn Karate

    Karate is an Olympic sport, provides discipline, and is an excellent physical training method.

    Learn Karate with our 3-months courses. They are great for kids, teens, and adults.
  • Learn Kobudō

    Kobudō is an Okinawan Martial Art that uses farming tools from the XVII century as weapons.

    We strive for the teaching, support, and fair promotion of all martial artists. Join our school today to learn original Kobudo forms and techniques.
  • Friendly Environment

    At our Martial Arts schools, our goal is to help you be successful. Our friendly environment is achieved through one-on-one instuctions, discipline, and respect.

    Contact us today. Our friendly and professional staff is ready to answer any questions you might have.
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Visit our new location in Wyoming, MI

Learn Martial Arts today with Grand Master Lucio Farķas, who holds a 10th Dan (top degree achievable in most Martial Arts).

    Free Lesson
Try a Free Martial Arts Lesson

Try a Free Martial Arts Lesson

We invite you to attend and experience our Martial Arts classes. All ages, levels, and styles are welcome.

Schedule a free introductory lesson, bring a friend, and experience Martial Arts from the best. We hope to see you soon!

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    Learn Kobudō
Learn Kobudō

Over 61 Years of Martial Arts Experience

Budousa is committed to the Martial Arts culture and education by providing knowledge, training, and fair promotions to Martial Artists.

    Learn Martial Arts
Current Promotion: Free Uniform when you sign up on one our 3 month Martial Arts classes

Martial Arts Classes Available

Learn Martial Arts with our 3-months courses. They are great for kids, teens, and adults.
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Martial Arts classes available in Michigan, USA (Grand Rapids - Kentwood - Wyoming - Muskegon)